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We are looking for people who have ideas and chase creativity. In Model Media, a space that is not restricted by the framework, some partners combine various ideals and experiences. Every unique idea, different type, and viewpoint can become an exciting passion. Here, we search for new possibilities, bond through our mutual language, and discover ourselves. Our mission is to help every thrilling soul find an appropriate channel, to give our viewers the power to "make their dreams come true", and to become the propeller of dreams.

Future and change, start from here With innovative ambition and interdisciplinary creation, we hope that all breakthroughs can be innovative for the global Chinese AV industry.
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New Media Group - Social media specialist

We are hiring 2 people this time

Job Requirements:

1-3 years of experience in social media management.
Adequately text editing skills.
Suitable data analysis ability assessment.
Possess teamwork spirit.

Job Description:

Responsible for planning, writing, editing and publishing content suitable for the social media platform.
Analyze platform trends and user behavior, and provide customized strategies for different platforms.
Instantly evaluate post performance and adjust strategies.

Salary: Negotiable
Work location: New Taipei City
Please provide portfolio and workpiece.


Design Group - Graphic Designers

Design Group - Graphic Designers
We are hiring 2 people this time
Job Requirements: More than 2-3 years of experience in the design industry.
Proficiency: Adobe PS / AI
Be able to complete tasks independently.
Workpieces should be basic design aesthetics.
Job Description: Design creative ideas, implementation of products in line with the brand-styled production, management of advertising materials.
Work location: New Taipei City
Please provide a portfolio and workpiece.